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Divorce in Missouri is often categorized as a “no fault Dissolution of Marriage”. In order to qualify for a divorce, either Husband or Wife must state that their marriage is irretrievably broken due to irreconcilable difference. Even though Husbands or Wife’s “conduct” during the marriage is not required to be stated, Husbands and Wife’s conduct, as well as other factors during the marriage, are important considerations in the division of marital property, the apportionment of marital debt, the award of spousal support (sometimes called “maintenance” or “alimony”), and the award of attorney’s fees.

Sometimes a Divorce is not necessarily the right action, and the Husband or Wife may consider a “Legal Separation” as an alternative to Divorce. A Legal Separation may be an alternative to Divorce due to Husbands or Wife’s health insurance, needs, religious considerations or other personal factors.

Divorce or Legal Separation requires the parties to consider:

  • Child Custody and Child Support: At Diekman & Leightner, we will help you develop a custody and support plan that meets the needs of your children and is in your children’s best interest. If you are facing a custody dispute, Diekman & Leightner will aggressively protect your parental rights of custody and make sure  that the award of child support is fair and properly computed.
  • The Division of Marital Property. The Law Offices of Diekman & Leightner will assist you in determining what constitutes marital property, and what property may or may not be subject to division at the time of divorce.
  • The Apportionment of Marital Debt. The Law office of Diekman & Leightner will assist you in determining what debts Husband and Wife should each have apportioned to them, and in what amounts are those debts should be set aside to each party.
  • The Award of Separate Property. The Law office of Diekman & Leightner will assist you in determining what property is actually separate property and what property is to be divided among each spouse. The determination as to what property is marital, what property is separate, and what property has a marital component, is far more complicated than you might suspect, and an experienced attorney is essential to assisting you in this matter.
  • The Award of Spousal Support: (Money paid to you by your spouse on a monthly or other time period.)  Diekman & Leightner will assist you in determining your need for spousal support and whether your spouse can afford to help pay that spousal support.
  • Attorney’s Fees and Costs: Divorce may be a friendly separation or a long, protracted legal battle. Either way, you or your spouse may be required to assist in the payment of your attorney’s fees and costs or those attorney’s fees and costs of your spouse.


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