Spousal Support & High Asset Division

The  Law Firm of Diekman & Leightner has actively and agressively represented  parties in the division of significant assets. The division of your assets and the payment of spousal support, or what is commonly called maintenance and alimony, is an essential part of any family break up.

You need to ensure your rights  are protected, and the attorneys at Diekman & Leightner will fight to protect your rights.

Tax issues in Divorce: Our firm has been licensed in the United States Tax Court  for over 30 years.

Family businesses and small corporations: We have worked dividing and selling small corporations and family business for over 60 years of combined experience.

Retirement and Pension: Our experience on these issues will be of significant value in making sure your retirement is protected or that you receive your fair share of retirement plans accumulated in the marriage.

Earnings from Separate and Marital Property: At Diekman & Leightner we can help you with your family law issues on your DRIP accounts, stock options, deferred compensation packages and other business investment.

Maintenance and Spousal Support: Our experience will help ensure your rights, and guide you through the tax issues which effect these awards.

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“You Can Count On Our Business Law & Tax Experience In Assisting You In High Asset Divorce Cases And Significant Maintenance Claims.