LGBT & Family Law

The  Law Firm of Diekman & Leightner has actively represented LGBT for over a combined 60 years, including extensive litigation, mediation and appellate work.

The United States Supreme Court has found that same sex marriages shall be legal in all 50 states. This historic decision now means that same sex couples can be married, and therefore also may assert their rights associated with Divorce, Legal Separation, Pre-Marital Agreements, Domestic Violence and other legal issues.

Prior to the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court, Diekman & Leightner has represented same sex couples in assuring that their non-married property rights were enforced and pursued litigation to ensure that contractual rights of support were enforced. We have represented same sex couples to establish parenting plans and support orders for their children, as well as numerous other issues.

Since the ruling legalizing same sex marriage, Diekman & Leightner has worked with same sex couples on navigating through Missouri’s Divorce and Family Court, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Domestic Violence, Custody and Child Support.

Our experience in these matters are essential in helping you through your Domestic Relations and Family Law issues.

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