Traffic Law

Even the most seemingly harmless traffic violations can impact a driver in a serious way. Pleading guilty to a traffic violation not only results in fines, it could result in points being assessed against an individual on their Driver’s Record. Keeping points off a Driver’s Record is vital.

In Missouri, driving is a privilege not a right.  Points on a Driving Record can result in a suspension or revocation of an individual’s Driver’s License. Furthermore, points on a Driver’s Record often results in increased automobile insurance premiums. By hiring Diekman & Leightner, a driver can expect to get a satisfactory resolution for traffic violations that seeks to keep points off their Driving Record. By doing so, Diekman & Leightner saves our client’s money by avoiding increased monthly automobile insurance bills and ensures that they continue to enjoy the privilege of driving.


  • A DWI/DUI charge is a serious matter and, depending on various factors, may be categorized as a felony in the State of Missouri. A DWI/DUI in Missouri, regardless of the circumstances, at the minimum carries the risk of of jail time, substantial fines, a suspension of an individual’s Driver’s License, and the required installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. More serious cases can result in jail with Missouri Department of Corrections and a suspension of an individual’s Driver’s License for ten (10) years, in addition to hefty fines, court costs, and the installation of an ignition interlock device on your car.

Here at Diekman & Leightner, our experienced and professional attorneys can work with you to resolve your DWI/DUI issues and get you back on the road. We strive to ensure that a DWI/DUI conviction does not end up on your permanent record. Your options concerning a DWI//DUI are time sensitive so do not hesitate to call us here at Diekman & Leightner so that we may help you get the best possible result in an unfortunate situation.